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There are many databases of clinical trials on the Internet which include trials for renal cell cancer. Unfortunately, all of these databases are essentially the same when it comes to providing information about the trials in they list. At best they provide the name and phase of the trial, its objectives, a little about the design, such as whether it’s randomized, the entry requirements, and of course contact information. Some provide even less. Basically, you get to name, rank, and serial number.

What you don’t get is much help understanding the trial’s treatments or what the results have been. And especially no one is willing to stick their neck out and say whether the trial is promising. Even if you want to know something as trivial as the dose and schedule, you’re just flat out of luck. Anyone who’s ever tried to research their options starting with a stack of trial listings which amount to little more than the names of the trials knows exactly what we’re talking about!

For over a decade we urged those in charge of the databases (including the National Cancer Institute and several commercial providers) to add in-depth information to their barebones listings that would help patients be able to understand and evaluate the trial. Little or nothing was done. Finally, out of patience, he decided the time was ripe to take matters into his hands. Voila!

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